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The Department of Canadian Heritage wants to hear from Canadian artists and content creators

The Department of Canadian Heritage wants to hear from Canadian artists and content creators
17 Jun 2021 by DigiBC

The Department of Canadian Heritage is inviting all artists and content creators to participate in the Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey. The purpose of this survey is to help create an updated portrait of the artistic and creative community in Canada. This data gathering is important to help ensure policies and programs continue to be responsive to the sector’s reality. The survey will help develop a better understanding of the realities and experiences in Canada prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to participate?
The survey is available online from May 10 to July 2 and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.
Who should participate?
Anyone in Canada aged 16 or older who does creative or artistic work as an important component of their professional identity, whether on their own time, freelance or with organizations — either full-time or alongside other jobs, at any point in their career stage.
The survey is open, but not limited to:
  • writers such as fiction and non-fiction book authors, playwrights, poets, screenwriters, technical writers
  • visual artists such as painters, craft artisans, designers, illustrators, installation artists, video game designers, concept artists, photographers, printmakers
  • performing artists such as actors, choreographers, circus artists, comedians, dancers, mimes, puppeteers, spoken word artists, storytellers
  • musical artists such as composers, musicians, singers, songwriters
  • audiovisual directors working in film, television, video games or other digital media productions, including on social media
Share your voice and help develop a more complete and grounded picture of the economic circumstances affecting you and your creative practice. This survey is an opportunity to give policymakers a view into your lived experiences as an artist or member of the creative community working in Canada. Don’t miss it, and don’t let your creative friends and peers miss it either!