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  • 22 May 2019 by DigiBC

    DigiBC has applied for funding to benchmark the make-up of the creative technology sector in BC. Without good measurements, we are unable to support evidence-based decision making at the provincial and federal levels. Announcement coming soon!


    Defining the Future – Leadership Roundtable Dinner for Video Game Studio Heads

    Are you the CEO / GM / EVP / Leader of a video game studio? Join us on June 18 for our inaugural “Video Game Leadership Dinner - a roundtable on defining the future”.

    By invite only, please send an expression of interest to












    Education Update

    DigiBC continues to be very active on the education front and all of our programming supports the objectives we are focused on. These include:

    • Ensure BC students and adult learners know that building an interesting and successful career in the creative tech sector is a viable option in BC.

    Increase the domestic talent pool to continue the success of the sector in our province.

    Support inclusion and diversity of talent who were previously underrepresented, such as women and indigenous people. We also recognize that diversity includes regional diversity and are reaching out to learners in all regions of the province.


    Play to Learn
    The rollout into 11 new school districts is in full swing. We are now in the following schools, with an additional 10 schools committed but not yet activated.

    Hazelton Secondary School


    Cowichan Secondary School


    Lake Cowichan School


    Arbutus Middle School


    Central Middle School - Secondary School


    Colquitz Middle School


    Gordon Head Middle School


    Oaklands Elementary School


    Willows Elementary School


    St. Andrew's Regional High School


    Chase Secondary School


    Uplands Elementary School


    Eagle View Elementary School


    Island ConnectEd


    Mount Boucherie Secondary School



    Additional 10 registered/committed in: 

    Coast Mountain - 1 school

    Kamloops Thompson - 4 schools

    Kootenay Lake - 2 schools

    Greater Victoria - 3 schools


    DigiMusic 2019 Competition

    Submissions are now officially closed. Winners will be announced on May 24th and things will wrap with an official finale event to be held at EA Vancouver on Monday, June 3rd.


  • 22 May 2019 by DigiBC

    Have you heard of Code Coven? It’s the first video game industry-focused bootcamp for women offering development in technical skills, professional skills, and portfolio. Remote and flexible, women will be able to work with other women at a time that suits their schedule. Founded in 2018 by CEO, Tara Mustapha, it was created in response to the shortage of female developers in the video game world. Code Coven seeks to provide women with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the games industry. Curious to know more? We had a quick Q&A with Tara to get further info on what Code Coven is all about.

    How many types of courses does Code Coven offer? Are they full-time or part-time?
    We are launching with two pilot courses centered on development with Unity, an introductory class for those with no prior experience and an advanced class. All courses are part-time, designed to accommodate those who have full-time jobs, caregivers and more the opportunity to invest in their growth while taking care of their responsibilities.

    Are the courses done online or in person?
    All courses are online, and we use a core hour system which creates a sense of camaraderie and connection within the class.

    How much does it cost?
    Our pilot classes are priced at $549 USD and can be paid in full or installments.

    How are your courses different from the ones offered at other training schools?
    With four principals at its heart (innovation, guidance, empowerment, and experience), Code Coven plans to go beyond being just an online coding bootcamp – the aim is to nurture new and existing talent, create networking opportunities, help participants find employment and most importantly, work towards redressing the gender imbalance in the gaming world. Our courses are holistic, addressing not only the acquisition of technical skill but also the comfort and confidence needed to apply that knowledge. Our programs incorporate on-the-job training, giving the participants' portfolio pieces and game credits for their work with our partner studios. Our goal is to empower woman to achieve their ambitions and drive change in their environments.

    Who would benefit most from taking one of your courses?
    Our beginner classes empower students in gaining a technical foundation to improve communication and efficiency within teams, from producers, artists, designers, and QA. Our advanced courses allow students to apply their knowledge to other projects, giving them the training and confidence to be able to take these skills back to their studios effectively.

    Do students need to have any previous training or work experience is a certain field before signing up?

    Our beginner classes do not have a technical requisite, our advanced classes require either work experience or the completion of a small programming project defined by us.

    Who are the instructors? How do you pick them?

    Our Unity instructor, Francesca Carletto-Leon, has been working in games and technology in a variety of roles including community management and production. Her development work is highly multidisciplinary and includes digital, tabletop, and alternative controller projects. In 2016 She co-founded an independent game studio called Contigo Games. She holds a BS in Interactive Media & Game Development from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MFA in Game Design from New York University. We will be announcing more of our instructors in the next few weeks, all of them impressive and experienced women from games and technology.

    What are some of the possible jobs/career path options someone would have after completing a course?

    This all depends on the student's prior experience, our motivation is that they are able to enter or continue in the career in the games industry and that they see greater success in their career management.


  • 21 May 2019 by DigiBC

    Time Factory Studio is located in downtown Vancouver and specializes in problem-solving, design sprints, and rapid prototyping. They are digital experts, productivity nerds, rapid prototype builders, business strategy connoisseurs, user experience enthusiasts, and are here to help BC businesses build better products… faster!

    Have you ever been on a team that was completely misaligned? Worked on projects that were going over budget and time? Or struggled to understand the key features or the main direction of your project? Time Factory co-founders, Julie Puech and Marina Bertoldi have and they decided there had to be a better way. After looking into finding the best ways to develop products and work in teams, they got certified and gained experience in project management, agile methodologies, business strategy, and finally found the ultimate best solution - sprints! The duo is convinced that this is a game-changing process and is now on a mission to transform how teams solve problems.  We recently caught up with Julie and Marina to find out more about the services they provide.

    When was Time Factory Studio founded? What are your backgrounds?
    We officially started Time Factory in 2018, after completing our Master's degree in Digital Media, but we feel it started way before that! The experience and expertise we bring to our business come from our background in engineering, entrepreneurship and project management.

    Julie and Marina met at the Centre for Digital Media while completing their Master of Digital Media degree. Julie moved to Vancouver from France, and her expertise comes in the rare blend of computer science, the arts, and design — she can come up with solutions to complex problems in virtually any domain, and then actually build them. She has a Master in Creative Engineering and has worked on multiple interactive projects including an Augmented / Mixed Reality experience for live music events that won the Gerri Sinclair Award for Digital Innovation. Marina is from Brazil, and in addition to her bachelors in Communication, a business degree and her master’s degree, she’s started and ran multiple successful businesses of her own. She is passionate about business strategy, productivity and what makes products successful. Time Factory is driven forward by our passion for entrepreneurial energy and the digital industry. Who better to solve digital problems for businesses than passionate experts in technology and business?


    What does Time Factory do? What do you provide?
    Entrepreneurs and businesses come to us when they are facing a challenge on their projects or business, have an idea they can't pursue on their own, building a new product or redesigning a feature and can’t afford to waste any more time or money. We have the shortcut to solving their problems. We use proven processes to foster innovation, validate assumptions, deliver killer business strategies and build tangible digital solutions for their problems. We provide a smarter and better way to work in teams and develop quickly more successful products.

    Why would someone want to utilize your services?
    Most teams are tackling problems the wrong way, and in the process, they’re burning themselves out and wasting time and money to make things that might not even solve the problem. That might sound harsh, but it’s obvious to anyone who's looking critically. Data shows that most products launched in the market ended up not being successful. Projects tend to go over budget and over time. Teams are misaligned and turnover costs are astronomical. Companies just can't afford to have those problems anymore.

    In just four days, Time Factory can get a whole team laser-focused, generate more and better solutions than they do normally for their complex problems and give them a crystal clear path toward solving them. We test the success of a team’s products and projects without wasting any time in development and launching. Making sure that effort, time and money are being used wisely.

    Our clients are big companies that have ideas and opportunities they could leverage but don't have the time to get around to trying to solve them. But also, small and medium companies that sometimes lack the expertise or don't have the manpower to solve their main problems in a smart and digital way. By running a Sprint we help them leverage opportunities by validating their ideas, solving their digital problems and challenges, aligning their teams, generating more and better solutions and saving them time and money.

    What type of companies would benefit from using your services?
    Any company, business or team that wants to work smarter not harder and has no time or money to waste! Our processes and services can be adapted to big companies, solo entrepreneurs, and everything in between. It’s more a question of what type of challenge someone wants to solve and how open they are to tackling it in a different way!


    Can you describe the process and what happens after you’ve been hired for a project?
    The sprint process started inside Google from the need to produce better and more successful products, faster! A group of productivity nerds started studying and experimenting with what makes some projects so successful and some not. After years of questioning and experimenting they came up with the ultimate step-by-step process to make any project successful and any problem easy to solve: a Design Sprint!

    The process is now called the greatest hits of business strategy, behavioral science, and innovation, and it has spread way beyond Google and into all the big companies like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, etc. We were taught and certified by the authors of the process and we are on a mission to bring these proven tools and this winning Silicon Valley mindset to BC's businesses.

    A Sprint is a step-by-step process that starts with a 2-day workshop to solve a business problem or streamline a product's success. The team invited for the workshop are members involved in the project from different areas to provide diverse points of view. On the first day, we define the challenge, speak with experts, agree on a common goal and generate better and more solutions. On the second day, we combine the best solutions, plan a user test and design what our prototype will look like. Then our team at Time Factory spends the third-day bending time and space prototyping the solution in just one day. And on Wednesday we put the now-tangible representation of our product/solution in front of real users to be tested. By testing with a prototype we get more valuable and precise feedback than by using traditional user research.

    At the end of a Sprint, our clients get clarity on their ideas, alignment, momentum, and buy-in from team members and stakeholders, a working prototype, tons of valuable feedback from their real users and a killer strategy to move forward! It is the fastest way to know if your project will be successful and the best way to generate ideas! Enough with old inefficient brainstorming, biases and team struggles!

    Who are some of your previous clients?

    Our previous clients include RE/MAX Crest, Elevator Strategy, a journalist who worked at the New York Times, and many smaller companies that needed help in their ideation phase.

    What is the best way for someone to get in touch and find out more info?

    You can get in touch with us by sending an email at and get more information on our website:

    Ready to stop wasting time and money? We are!



  • 16 May 2019 by DigiBC

    Transport audiences to new worlds created by you at VIFF Immersed 2019.

    The Vancouver International Film Festival is inviting immersive storytellers from around the world to submit their narrative-driven virtual and mixed reality content to the International VIFF Immersed Competition. Have immersive content that is breaking the boundaries of screen-based storytelling? Entries are now open in the following categories:

    • Cinematic Live Action, Virtual or Mixed Reality
    • Animation, Virtual or Mixed Reality
    • Documentary, Virtual or Mixed Reality
    • BC Showcase – A Curated Exhibition (open to BC creators only)

    A distinguished panel of international jurors will judge entries and finalists from each category will be featured, and winners announced, at the 2019 VIFF Immersed Exhibition, a week-long public exhibition featuring some of the most innovative experiences and celebrating the best immersive storytelling.


    How to Submit:
    Creators can enter work for all categories via FilmFreeway or directly to VIFF Immersed here.

    Early Deadline - May 31, 2019
    Regular Deadline - June 14, 2019



  • 14 May 2019 by DigiBC

    DigiBC worked with a consortium of creative industry associations on Creative Industries Week 2019 to promote and grow the creative sector in BC. We’d like to give a big shout out to Everfi and Phoenix Labs for their contributions to our presentations which helped our political partners to better understand our sector. Also, thanks to Tim Tran from Kano Apps for joining us at the Legislature, and to our board members, James Hursthouse and Catherine Warren, for making the trip over.

    The event kicked off for DigiBC with the Creative Industries Showcase in the Reception Hall of Honour (Rotunda) at the BC Legislature Hall. This year’s theme was centered on ‘BC Creators & Job Creators’ to highlight the people who help power our respective sectors. The program kicked off with an incredible freestyle/spoken word performance by Prevail, followed by a number of ‘PechaKucha’ style presentations that told the story of various sector creators. The event then wrapped up with the Proclamation of Creative Industries Week in BC by The Honourable Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture. Job growth and career pathways were prominent themes throughout the day and this was highlighted by the attendance of high school students who were given an inside look at some of the exciting careers available right here in our province. DigiBC had a few stations set up showing our DigiMusic competition, a non-traditional video game (Everlove Rose), as well as Everfi demoing the EA Play to Learn platform which DigiBC will be expanding into 60 new classrooms all over the province.

    In the evening, the celebrations moved to the Canoe Brewpub for the night-time reception. A few highlights of the program included a screening of the Oscar-nominated animated short Animal Behaviour, DigiBC’s video on The Creation of a Video Game (featuring Phoenix Labs) and amazing musical performances by country star, Dallas Smith and rising artist, Shawn Austin.

    The creative industries are comprised of the film, television, music, publishing, interactive & digital media sectors, and contribute an estimated $6.4 billion to the economy while providing over 90,000 jobs in the province. The government estimates there to be another 13,000 job openings by 2027 in this thriving industry.


  • 10 May 2019 by DigiBC

    A message from the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC. They are independent and promote and protect the information and privacy rights of British Columbians.

    Like most businesses, we know you want to handle the personal information of your customers with care and attention to the law. That’s a good thing because British Columbians are becoming increasingly concerned that the personal information they provide to businesses will not be handled properly. And who can blame them? Privacy breaches are becoming a common occurrence in BC. In fact, the number of privacy breaches under BC’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) reported to my office increased by 56% from 2015-2018. Here’s something else you need to know: you are responsible under PIPA to protect the personal information of your customers and staff. Our new PrivacyRight program is aimed at helping you better understand PIPA.


    #PRIVACYRIGHT: Tools to Build Trust

    PrivacyRight is a suite of tools – animated webinars, videos, as well as podcasts and guidance documents – designed by my office to demystify your privacy obligations and highlight the simple steps that can be taken to address them. Each month, we’re launching releases on different themes that will help you become more “privacy right.”


    #PRIVACYRIGHT Videos & Podcasts: Putting Privacy Into Practice

    What does the use of personal information and obtaining consent look like in the real world? #PrivacyRight’s animated pop-up videos show some of the everyday PI and consent issues encountered during a routine trip to the dentist’s office: Part 1, Part 2.

    The #PrivacyRight Podcast takes a page out of investigative reporting podcasts like “Serial” to offer an in-depth look into some of the most pressing challenges we face in the world of privacy. In the first episode, a job applicant loses out on a competition after a prospective employer finds unflattering information on social media. What are the privacy implications here? Check out the podcast.


    #PRIVACYRIGHT WEBINARS:  Crash Course in BC Privacy Law & Obligations

    The OIPC’s #PrivacyRight animated webinars offer a concise, informative, and engaging look into some of the most common questions people have about the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

    Webinar 1: 10 basic obligations under PIPA

    2a: 10 steps to build a robust privacy management program

    Related guidance:

    2b: How to write a privacy policy

    3: Authority to collect use and disclose personal information:

    Visit the PrivacyRight webpage during Privacy Awareness Week for resources on Notification and Consent!



    How can you get involved?

    1.    Let your employees know that your organization values privacy. Send out an all-staff email about Privacy Awareness Week or post a story on your intranet site. Suggested content attached and can be downloaded here.

    2.    Get social! We’ll be tweeting all week using the hashtags #PrivacyRight and #PAW2019. Here is a suggested tweet that you can use to show your organization’s commitment to respecting privacy rights! (Graphics to accompany the tweet can be downloaded from our website and a sample is attached).


    [INPUT NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION] knows privacy is good for business and that's why we're working hard to get #PrivacyRight. As #PrivacyAwarenessWeek gets underway, check out our [link to your privacy policy/related initiative]. #PAW2019


    3.    Follow us on Twitter at @BCInfoPrivacy and on Linkedin for future #PrivacyRight updates. We welcome your thoughts on #PrivacyRight. Tell us what else you would like to see as part of the program at


  • 09 May 2019 by DigiBC

    Tomorrow's Master of Digital Media Program 

    Tomorrow’s Master of Digital Media Program (TMDM) is a 2-week intensive summer camp designed for students entering grades 9-12 with artistic or technical interests who want to explore educational and career opportunities in the video game and digital media industry. Students will learn rapid prototyping and collaborative techniques and will work in teams to build a playable digital media product at the end of this fun 2-week course. TMDM is running July 8 - 19, 2019.


    Why TMDM?

    TMDM gives teens an opportunity to explore digital media in ways that are not offered in the traditional education system. Teens can discover career paths and interests that will help them make informed academic and career decisions.


    Teens will learn:

    • Game design and critique
    • How to tell better stories
    • How to choose team partners and work in groups
    • Improvisation and role play
    • The business of the industry
    • Rapid iteration, prototyping, and design essentials 

    These skills are taught by drawing out individual strengths in a strong team-based environment.


    Who is a TMDM student?

    TMDM is for students entering grades 9-12 with artistic and/or technical talent. We are seeking an equal mix of girls and boys.



    Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.


    Tuition and Fees

    The cost for the entire program is $1100 per student. Partial bursaries may become available for students who require financial support.

    Unlike other summer camps, TMDM is a competitive entry program. Applicants must write a letter of intent and include a signature from their teachers. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 


    What is Included?

    • Mentoring from MDM faculty
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Graduation event for family & friends
    • Software and hardware
    • TMDM t-shirt
    • Lunch each day



    Sponsorship Opportunities

    TMDM is a cost-recovery initiative. We rely on sponsors to cover the costs associated with running the program. If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor get in touch with our director of Industry Relations, Dennis Chenard.