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  • 27 Mar 2020 by DigiBC

    DigiBC recognizes that our members are having an array of business challenges during this crisis, ranging from a few issues to very significant business threats. As your trade association, we are working to ensure our industry, as diverse as it is, comes out of this in the most positive way possible. Our weekly updates will have pertinent information on government policies, industry responses, and tips on getting through this challenging time. Please feel free to contact us if there is something you think should be included or if there's an issue that your business would like help with. We are here for you! Please note, the info from each of our weekly updates gets consolidated into our COVID-19 Member Resources.

    Week of March 27, 2020

    Government Announcements / Policies / Funding

    For Businesses:

    • Temporary Wage Subsidy Program - Federal
      This morning (March 27), the Prime Minister announced that this program will be increased from 10% to 75% and backdated to March 15. Further details on the rollout will be provided Monday.
    • Government Guaranteed Loans - Federal
      Qualifying businesses will have access to $40,000 of government guaranteed loans, interest-free for the first year. If conditions are met, the first $10,000 will be forgiven. Referred to as “a bridge to better times”. More info on Monday.
    • GST & HST payments delayed until June - Federal
      This will assist businesses with cash flow challenges. The government says these measures will best position small and medium-sized businesses to weather the pandemic and prepare for Canada’s economic recovery. Details on Monday.
    • CRA to defer tax payments until August 31, 2020 - Federal
      To help businesses with cash flow.
    • New Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) - Federal
      More than $10 billion will be available to Canadian businesses for financing and credit insurance solutions through Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

    For Individuals:

    Support for people who are sick, quarantined, or in direct self-isolation

    COVID-19 Information:

    Data Collection / Surveys

    Both the federal and provincial governments have contacted DigiBC and asked us to collect data on the impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on our sectors. This information is going to be very important as the government introduces rebuild strategies post-crisis.

    Animation & VFX: Creative BC is tracking data here.
    Video Games / IDM: CMF has funded this national survey (closes March 31)

    DigiBC will be in contact with Interactive Digital Media (IDM) companies to share our tracking tool and to ensure wide representation in data gathering. Whether you are a member or not, we invite you to participate for the benefit of our sector. More on this early next week.

    Usual Business in Unusual Times

    • Our newly unveiled DigiBC 2020 Sizzle Reel showcases some spectacular content that is made right here in BC.
    • DigiMusic 2020 will launch next week. Rather than having the focus be an in-school activity, we have repurposed the program so it can be done through home learning.
    • When working in schools throughout the province, we often get asked if it's possible to arrange a tour of an animation studio. Together, with member company Atomic Cartoons, we created this virtual animation studio tour just before everyone transitioned to WFH. Enjoy!
    • The 2020 New Ventures Competition, presented by Innovate BC, is officially underway. Applications are open for early-stage tech ventures who are looking to establish themselves as one of BC's fastest growing startups.

    Next Week: Signal Boosting

    We know that some studios have not been as negatively impacted by this crisis as others. A number of studios are finding ways to #GiveBack. Next week we will be highlighting these, so send us your #GiveBack strategy and we’ll be sure to signal boost it!


  • 12 Mar 2020 by DigiBC

    In light of the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 virus, a number of our member studios are creating protocols and procedures to navigate these previously uncharted waters.
    To support our sector and in the spirit of collaboration, DigiBC has taken best practices from our members and compiled the following list for you to consider utilizing as we face an increasingly unpredictable business environment throughout the creative sector in BC. The lens applied to the following guidelines and resources is one of precaution, but not alarmist. Thank you to our member studios for contributing information to this list.

    Key Priorities

    • Ensure your team members and their family members are safe and cared for
    • Ensure you can continue studio operations as best as possible
    • Ensure your staff are tech-enabled to work at home for an extended period
    • Provide ongoing communication to employees in response to information provided by health officials as the situation progresses

    COVID-19 Information

    Working From Home Guidelines

    Communicate clearly to employees whether they need to come into the office, have the option to work from home, or are required to work from home under certain circumstances. For example, some studios are having anyone with a sniffle to work from home and others have not yet taken this step. Think through the implications of these decisions and be clear with your team as circumstances change.

    In preparation for work from home:

    • Let everyone know that the company will be preparing to Work From Home (WFH)
    • Have employees check their VPN connection (how many can they handle) and fill out a spreadsheet on their WFH status asking:
      • I can access source control remotely
      • I can run the programs I need to work
      • I have the necessary hardware (Cintiqs, a good computer, enough hard disk space, etc)
      • I have a webcam, mic, headphones
      • Any additional notes
    • Install virtual desktop software and collaboration software (Zoom, Slack, etc)
    • Create a policy to reimburse employees for internet expenses if data caps are exceeded
    • Create a sign-out policy for employees to be able to take home the necessary equipment, cables, controllers, etc
    • Create a tracking doc for any equipment and computers taken off-site
    • Create a WFH policy and guidelines to help structure workdays for staff
    • Take a couple days to prepare for everyone to WFH (help get up home stations setup, troubleshoot remote login, etc)
    •  Run a "dry run" day where everyone who can work from home does so. People who don't yet have hardware can come into the office. On the day of the dry run, tally what hardware is still needed, talk to people who need to come in and coordinate delivering hardware to them.

    Day-to-Day Office Guidelines

    • Advise against any non-critical business travel
    • Post reminders in the office about good hygiene practices (bathrooms, elevators, lunchroom, common areas, etc)
    • Place hand sanitizer stations around the office
    • Take advantage of video-conference, Hangouts, etc even when in the same office
    • Advise staff of any revisions to your company sick/time off policy
    • Find out if any staff will be traveling for personal reasons to high risk countries

    **Spring Break Travel**
    Have any staff who are traveling out-of-country, will be in an airport, or having visitors who have been out-of-country or in an airport, to work from home for two weeks prior to returning to the workplace

    Hygiene Tips

    • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
    • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and then wash hands immediately
    • Do not attend events if you feel sick or have returned from an affected area
    • Consider no longer shaking hands and instead use another form of greeting (fist bump, elbow bump or our favourite, the Spock Vulcan greeting with LL&P)


    DigiBC Events Update

    • We have currently put plans on hold for any events in the immediate future


  • 09 Mar 2020 by DigiBC

    We're excited to partner with Innovate BC for the fifth annual #BCTECHSummit. This is the largest annual tech conference in Western Canada returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre on June 1 & 2, 2020. The event will bring together local and international business leaders to share tactical expertise with B.C.’s most promising technology companies, innovators entrepreneurs. Thousands of attendees will gather again to learn from some of the foremost scale-up experts in a new format, which includes thought-leading keynotes, deep-dive breakout sessions and interactive workshops, in addition to a job fair, marketplace, pitch competition and investor meetings.

    Click below to purchase a pass and use the code GROW to receive $100 off the current ticket price!

    Tickets & Registration