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SFU Canadian Coding League

SFU Canadian Coding League
08 Nov 2023 by DigiBC

Ignite your child's passion for coding with the SFU Canadian Coding League!

The SFU Canadian Coding League is organized by a team of engineers and product people who believe that technology serves as a powerful equalizer, when leveraged, will enable youth to shape the future and drive Canada's growth as a nation. In partnership with Simon Fraser University, PixelPAD runs this league to ignite passion in coding in students ages 13+ across Canada. They seek to enhance STEM education through hands-on creative game development. More than 500 teams of high school students will compete over a series of coding challenges throughout the school year in order to qualify for Regionals and then to advance to Nationals.

Simon Fraser University and PixelPAD are on a mission to enhance STEM education through creative game development. Join high school teams as they compete in exciting coding challenges, and make their way to regionals and nationals!