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PuSh Festival 2024 presents: asses.masses

PuSh Festival 2024 presents: asses.masses
14 Dec 2023 by DigiBC


Performance Dates: January 20, 27 & February 3, 1:00pm
Show Duration: 7.5hrs, 4 intermissions
Location: Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street, Granville Island
Ticket Cost: pay your wage, starting at $16.75


The 2024 PuSh Festival will include asses.masses, a custom-made video game about labour, technophobia and sharing the load of revolution, designed to be played from beginning to end in a live theatre. This is gaming as performance; an immersive, cheeky, and highly original work.

Audiences work together to play an epic video game about a donkey revolution, and take turns at the controller to lead the herd through a post-Industrial society, where asses are valued more for their hides than their potential. This is Animal Farm meets Pokémon meets Final Fantasy. No previous gaming experience required.

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