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Introducing Alden Habacon

Introducing Alden Habacon
13 Feb 2019 by DigiBC

DigiBC would like to introduce Alden Habacon to our members. Alden has accepted the role of facilitating our respectful workplace initiative and will be helping us to create materials that will assist our member companies with the complexities of diversification. We can’t leave talent on the sidelines! Now is the time to ensure our studios are where talent, from all walks of life, can thrive.

Ever employ someone with a different experience or background from those in your studio… and before you can even enjoy having made the hire, they quit? We can help with that! Alden Habacon has been helping organizations increase diversity and achieve having a real culture change towards inclusive excellence for the last thirteen years. He works with executive and senior leadership, professionals, and educators to meet the demands of a rapidly diversifying company.

DigiBC is delighted to partner with Alden in creating the materials and providing the training that will help our studios become inclusive places where folks love to work. We’ll have something to offer you whether your organization has already established a diverse workforce or if your company is just starting out. Our team looks forward to working with you soon!