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Inclusive Leadership Training Opportunity

Inclusive Leadership Training Opportunity
08 Jun 2018 by DigiBC

Minerva is working with Refinery Leadership, to develop a five-day program focused on inclusive leadership skills. This is part of their Face of Leadership BC Tech initiative. They are piloting the program and are looking for participants who:

  • are interested in becoming more inclusive leaders
  • work in tech or have a tech-focused job
  • can attend all the sessions in Vancouver
  • will give honest, constructive feedback


Program Overview

A recent report by the HR Tech Group noted that 94% of surveyed employees in the BC tech sector believe that diverse teams produce better outcomes and business results – yet only 33% offer diversity and inclusion training to leaders. It is increasingly important to build inclusive work cultures as, despite a projected shortfall of talent, there are low levels of diverse representation from key groups in the tech sector. In what ways are you and your organization already leading inclusively? In what ways could you be better, and where is your edge? In partnership with The Refinery Leadership Partners, Minerva is offering a transformative program on Inclusive Leadership for all leaders and all genders in the tech sector. Participants should have a readiness to explore ways to:

  1. Observe our personal biases and the impact these biases have on others
  2. Build more empathy, compassion, and curiosity towards others who are different than us
  3. Have challenging conversations by leaning into the discomfort
  4. Lead more inclusively to unlock potential and performance
  5. Influence other leaders to co-create a culture of belonging


This program is based on the belief that to truly create an inclusive culture and yield its advantages, we need have real conversations that expands 1) how we think about each other, and 2) what we are willing to do to help everyone in our organizations show up as their best selves. We believe this takes courage, collective generosity, an expectation that we won’t always get it right. AND we value the importance of having fun along the way!


Program Dates & Format:

  • Workshops (all participants must attend all workshops)
    • Workshop 1: June 26-27
    • Workshop 2: September 11-12
    • Workshop 3: October 16
    • Light pre-work and intercession work in between workshops
  • Lunches provided
  • Location: Vancouver BC, venue TBD



All leaders in the BC tech sector are invited to participate. As spaces are limited, we are only receiving 12 leaders for this program. There is no cost to participate.

To enroll, please contact Tina Strehlke ( by Friday, June 15.