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ESAC Launches Essential Facts 2018 about the Canadian Gamer

ESAC Launches Essential Facts 2018 about the Canadian Gamer
09 Nov 2018 by DigiBC

On October 29, 2018, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) launched its annual essential facts research. This year’s study focused on the Canadian gamer and featured demographic profiles, stats on device usage, video game acquisitions, and ESRB rating awareness. Essential Facts 2018 revealed that two-thirds of Canadians, or 23 million of us, are gamers. This makes Canada home to one of the largest per capita populations of video game players in the world. The study also gives insight into the Canadian gamer - who they are, what they play and what other activities they like to engage in. The average age in Canada for a video game player has increased to 39, meaning that Baby Boomer and Gen X Canadians play more than ever before, especially on their mobiles and tablets. Players also recognize the positive impact video games have on their daily lives and its central role in social interactions across all age groups.

Following the launch, ESAC will be conducting a nationwide tour for industry and stakeholders. President & CEO Jayson Hilchie will be presenting an outline of the 2018 study, with an extended overview at the Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS). Join ESAC in Toronto (October 29), Montreal (November 13), Halifax (November 14) and Vancouver (November 26). Please RSVP to:

To download the PDF booklet, click here

To read more about the Canadian gamer, visit: theESA.Ca