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Enriching LAC's Library Collections

Enriching LAC's Library Collections
08 Apr 2019 by DigiBC

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is a unique library that holds the largest collection of Canadian content in the world. They collect books, magazines, musical recordings, maps and electronic books published in Canada or about Canada. The collection is searchable via their online catalogue and thousands of researchers visit the facilities to consult holdings in person. Building the LAC national collection is a collaborative effort that includes the many publishers and music producers participating in the Legal Deposit program, gifts received from organizations and individuals, as well as selective purchases. More than 20 million items are currently in LAC’s published collection and it grows every day!

LAC recognizes that Canadians are using new media to create, publish, and share their cultural heritage. To ensure the National Collection is relevant and meets the current and future needs of Canadians, they have launched an informal questionnaire to gather ideas as they consider options for potential selection criteria for Canadian YouTube videos, video games, and podcasts. Your involvement is essential!


How to participate: