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Capcom Vancouver Studio Closure

Capcom Vancouver Studio Closure
19 Sep 2018 by DigiBC

DigiBC is deeply sorry to hear that Capcom has closed its Vancouver office. We will work to help those affected by allowing companies to post for free on our job board over the next two months. Also, put October 11th in your books for our fall barbeque. Sponsored by CBRE, it's a free event and will be a great place for networking, learning about new opportunities, and meeting folks who might know about the next project you could be interested in.

Lastly, if we can do anything like host a resume/portfolio feedback session or provide a place for folks to work on their stuff, let us know. Get in touch at to share your ideas and we'll do our best to deliver on them. Let's work together to keep this amazing talent in BC!

Brenda Bailey
Executive Director