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Call for Speakers: WIGeh Lightning Lunch Events

Call for Speakers: WIGeh Lightning Lunch Events
26 Jul 2022 by DigiBC

Women in Games Vancouver (WIGeh) is currently looking for speakers to present at their next Lightning Lunch event. These sessions feature a series of short presentations with insights and practical takeaways on supporting diversity and inclusion in video game production and the broader industry. A great way to gain public speaking experience!


Example Presentation Template

Speaker Sign-up Form
click on 'Speak At An Event'

=== FAQs ===

Can anyone be a speaker?
Yes! You do not need to worry about how long you've been in the industry. If you have a topic you want to speak about that relates to the video game industry, sign up.

What if I can't make that date?
- Still fill out the form. WIGeh hosts these events frequently and does reach out to those who have filled out the Speaker Form, even if you had to turn one down before.

What do I need to apply?
A topic and slideshow are the absolute bare minimum, but you can also use references and resources.

What if I don't know how to present or have never presented before?
If you have a topic you want to present but have never presented it before, then WIGeh can assist with this. Additionally, these events happen on a regular basis, so new speakers can get experience speaking and learn from seasoned speakers on a full range of topics.