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BridgingTheGap Forums Vancouver [08.21.2019]

BridgingTheGap Forums Vancouver [08.21.2019]
19 Jul 2019 by DigiBC

About BTG Forums

BridgingTheGap™ Forums are curated events that connect emerging young talent with influential executives and impact investors to build their careers and solve community challenges. They believe in empowering future talent and businesses to thrive in the changing marketplace. BTG works to equip emerging talent for success by forging positive community relationships and opportunities to develop lifelong learning skills. Together, they can harness the creativity of the next generation to make the world a better place.

On Wednesday, August 21 they will be in Vancouver to host the following two seminars at the Library Square Conference Centre.


Future Ready Executive Forum (3:00PM-5:30PM) - REGISTRATION LINK

  • A B2B audience interested in actionable strategies to recruit and retain Millennials and Generation Z talent
  • Participants will be invited to complete a workplace assessment about their current workplace culture and challenges as part of a national research and development project to create BridgingTheGap’s Future-Ready Employer Index—a tool to analyze workplace gaps and opportunities for Canadian businesses to adapt and thrive in the future of work
  • Aimed at business owners, HR and management professionals, innovation firms and local investors with an interest in digital transformation and becoming future-ready as a business


Youth Innovation Mastermind (6:00PM-9:00PM) - REGISTRATION LINK

  • A mixed audience of executive mentors and emerging young talent aged 18-35 designed as an innovation mastermind to solicit ideas and solutions for the Government of Canada's National Strategy for Sustainable Development
  • Participants will receive access to MyEffect, a mobile app and online platform that unites people with partners—nonprofits, brands, and influencers—to take action for a shared cause and tracks everyone’s impact, skill development and experiences
  • Aimed at young talent interested in building their career and/or young entrepreneurs looking to scale their ventures (a portion of which will be from underserved groups like young women entrepreneurs and other minority groups in innovation)