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    Ask any social media marketer and they’ll tell you that brand advocates and earned media are the holy grail of social media...

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    Ask any social media marketer and they’ll tell you that brand advocates and earned media are the holy grail of social media marketing. YUPIQ recognizes this value and created a social media promotions platform that increases sales and brand awareness by rewarding customers for sharing videos, links and special offers with their friends. Users who promote brands on Facebook, Twitter and email can receive rewards and offers for their efforts.

    The YUPIQ plugin for HootSuite allows marketers to share gifts and offers to brand advocates right from the HootSuite dashboard. It also lets them refer the same gift to a limited number of friends. Start rewarding your community today!

     December 11, 2012
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    Via Vancouver Sun

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    Via Vancouver Sun

    The owls at HootSuite are starting to chat.

    In its latest move to lead the growing market in social media management, the Vancouver start-up behind the wide-eyed owl logo has expanded its social media dashboard to add real time online chat.

    Fittingly, the company, which has become the darling of private investors and counts among its clients such high-profile social networkers as the White House and Fortune 100 companies, announced the new service today, midway through Vancouver’s Social Media Week.

    HootSuite Conversations launched in beta today and will be available to HootSuite’s nearly five million users around the globe.

    Besides giving HootSuite users a way to connect with anyone on their network via chat, the new Conversations lets companies’ teams and employee groups create their own online chat networks on their HootSuite dashboard, in effect giving them a back channel where they can share views and information without having to resort to email.

    “One of the things we’re seeing as a trend is a need for organizations to work together more effectively,” said HootSuite chief executive Ryan Holmes. “Conversations is a tool to help people collaborate more effectively and we’re excited about it.”

    Today’s release is the latest in a string of announcements from HootSuite, which recently bought another social media platform — San Francisco-based Seesmic. Earlier this year, HootSuite saw an injection of $20 million in an equity stake by the Canadian venture capital firm OMERS Ventures, in what amounted to one of the largest venture capital investments in Canada over the past decade.

    HootSuite, which offers a “freemium” model that monetizes about 3.5 per cent of its five million users, has been the subject of acquisition rumours, but so far it seem Holmes is content to turn away the suitors.

    Asked if he still holds to his earlier plans to build a billion-dollar company in Vancouver, Holmes said: “Absolutely. We are going to continue moving ahead with building up the company. We are getting close to making an announcement on space and a new office location. We are absolutely committed to building out in Vancouver. We’re well on track for that.”

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     September 26, 2012
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    Posted by  see more Posted by Knowlton Thomas on 2012-06-28 5:00:00 AM

    Vancouver's HootSuite has added another batch of social apps to its growing third-party-powered App Directory.

    Among the slew of new apps is SlideShare and Zuum. But no doubt the most notable of the bunch is the wildly popular Instagram, which was acquired not too long ago by Facebook for a whopping $1.2 billion.

    With this addition, users will be able to view and search Instagram photos in a HootSuite stream, filter the stream to view key feeds (Home, Popular, etc.), view and add comments, like photos, and share photos to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    “After launching the App Directory in late 2011, we gave many popular social media networks a new home in our dashboard. We’re excited to welcome these popular social networks because they’re centrally focused around the easy-sharing of multimedia content,” says HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. “Regardless of which social media network is popular today, and which is hot tomorrow, it’s HootSuite’s job to make the lives of our power-users, brands, and businesses easier - and we’ll continue watching the industry to achieve this goal.”

    The SlideShare integration will enable users to view, search, and upload content, as well as share presentations and documents across multiple social networks all within the HootSuite dashboard.

    The Edocr integration will allow users to search for documents by keyword or user, upload documents to Edocr accounts, view and comment on documents, share documents to social networks and more.

    With Zuum, users will be able to view a feed of content proven to be highly engaging in social media, specifically on Facebook.

    The App Directory features tools created by third-party developers to extend the capabilities of the dashboard. To simplify the process, HootSuite allows developers to create new apps using a toolkit. Created apps integrate directly into HootSuite streams.