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    On Wednesday May 4, 2016, DigiBC held a one-day free event at the Victoria Convention Centre. Made In BC was designed to showcase 10 innovative video game companies from British Columbia, and how they are trailblazing to create great products and...

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    On Wednesday May 4, 2016, DigiBC held a one-day free event at the Victoria Convention Centre. Made In BC was designed to showcase 10 innovative video game companies from British Columbia, and how they are trailblazing to create great products and inspire the next generation of tech workers.

    Comprising small start-ups to well-established international games studios, the ten B.C. companies consisted of Electronic Arts Vancouver, Cloudhead Games, Codename Entertainment, Disruptive Media Publishers, East Side Games, Finger Food Studios, Kerberos Productions, Klei Entertainment, Llama Zoo and Roadhouse Interactive. Products featured included upcoming new releases on mobile platforms, desktop computers, virtual reality headsets and the Microsoft augmented reality HoloLens headset.

    In addition to the ten companies on display, DigiBC created a makeshift classroom for nearly 40 grade school students from Vancouver and Victoria schools. The children, between the ages of 9 to 12, were instructed by UME Academy on how to code and create their own video game.

    Finger Food Studios also donated a portion of their time to show kids how to code using Hasbro's Sphero app-enabled robotic orb. The studio built the interface app between Sphero and a mobile/tablet device used to control it. As well, Finger Food Studios has worked with the Coquitlam school district on creating a coding curriculum for middle-grade students using Spheros.

    Students learning coding using Sphero at Made In BC.


    During the afternoon portion of Made In BC, visitors to the classroom included British Columbia's Minister of Education Mike Bernier, as well as Minister of Technology Amrik Virk.


    Minister of Education Mike Bernier picks up some coding skills from his teacher.



    Minister of Technology Amrik Virk at "Made In BC"'s coding classroom.


    In the evening an invitation only portion of the event was held. Numerous Ministers and MLAs from BC's provincial government were in attendance including Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Shirley Bond.

    DigiBC graciously thanks the support of Made In BC's sponsors, Electronic Arts Vancouver, Finger Food Studios & Roadhouse Interactive, and the support of educators, parents and studio employees for making this event possible. Our intention is to do another similar event in Vancouver this fall.

    View 150 photos from Made In BC below.


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    Learning to synergize in a digital world
    New BCIT D3 (Digital, Design and Development) Program trains students to work across platforms

       We live in a multiplatform world, and the ways people interact with the internet are more diverse than ever before. Smartphones, tablets, and cloud computing have radically changed the way that businesses develop multimedia campaigns, but training in how to develop these campaigns has lagged far behind. While in the past it was sufficient to be proficient in one or two aspects of multimedia development, the modern digital designer must be effective across the entire spectrum of tools, languages, and hardware platforms that are involved in making an effective online presence.

    While the field of multiplatform development continues to evolve, there have been few places to turn for formal training in how to make the most of the smartphone revolution. However, a new program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) aims to change that. The new D3: Digital Design and Development Program is a two-year diploma which will equip students with the skills to create impactful online presences which will work synergistically across platforms. In this program, students explore the ins and outs of modern multimedia development, through a combination of coursework, internships, and major project work.  The program, housed within BCIT’s School of Business, provides students with a strong foundation in the entire digital development process – from conception of an idea to design and execution of a multiplatform media package.

    “In the past, you could be an expert in web design, database development, or social media. Today, that’s not enough; you have to be comfortable working in all those areas. That’s what’s unique about our program,” said Ramin Shadmehr (D3 Program Head), a professional with more than seven years of experience in the software industry. “From day one, students will learn the tools of the trade and how technical, business, marketing and communication skills work together to produce interactive, dynamic and immersive content for deployment across all the platforms that people use to interact with media.”

    During this hands-on program, students will be taught how to develop and efficiently integrate content across platforms. They will use a broad toolkit, and will gain proficiency with the Adobe CS6 suite for graphics, animation, and video editing, Maya for 3D modeling, and they will learn to develop web and mobile application in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.  These skills will be gained in the context of maximizing the interactivity of content across platforms – a skill neglected in most multimedia training programs.

    BCIT is a multidisciplinary world-class institution located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Registration is still open for a limited number of seats in the September 2012 intake. More information on the program can be found HERE -->