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BC Tech Firm Becomes One of Canada’s First Carbon Positive Businesses

BC Tech Firm Becomes One of Canada’s First Carbon Positive Businesses

November 28, 2016 – VANCOUVER, B.C. – Mixed Reality development firm, Finger Food Studios is adding to its roster of industry transformative work by becoming one of Canada’s first companies to achieve Carbon Positive status.

Carbon Positive status requires going beyond Carbon Neutral by making additional ‘positive’ contributions. Finger Food has become Carbon Positive by ensuring that more of its greenhouse gas emissions are avoided or sequestered than are released into the atmosphere. 

“We are advocates for positive social and environmental change,” said Ryan Peterson, Finger Food’s CEO. “We believe businesses should be a force for good. That is why at Finger Food, we are committing to offset not just our company’s carbon footprint but the footprint of every employee’s household as well.”

“Finger Food Studios is a vision of what a truly sustainable organization is,” said Jae Mather, Director of Sustainability, Carbon Free Group. “The intent is on changing the game, where commercial strategy is sustainable strategy.”

Finger Food firmly believes that businesses should both self-regulate as well as benefit their communities and the environment. As part of Finger Food’s Carbon Management Strategy, the company contributed to the Quadra Island Forestland Conservation Project, a project that enabled the conservation of 417.9 hectares of forestland on Quadra Island which would have previously been logged or converted to vacation home developments. A sample of other commitments Finger Food has made as part of their Carbon Positive status, includes:

  • Offset three times the company’s Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 transport emissions annually, through an externally accredited company that only sells offsets that are completed to rigorous standards, and have been validated and verified by third-parties to ensure that the tonnes are real, additional, and permanent.
  • Carry out a ‘carbon emission’ and ‘sustainability opportunities’ audit/assessment annually and externally report on the findings.
  • Source healthy and organic staff food from local, ethical and sustainable providers including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance products.
  • Take into account energy efficiency performance when purchasing IT and other equipment.
  • Procure from local suppliers and hire local staff whenever possible (Metro Vancouver).
  • Report annually on four indicators: 1. Renewable energy usage; 2. Diversion of waste from the landfill; 3. Purchases from small companies; and 4. Gender equality.
  • Sign the David Suzuki Foundation declaration of interdependence.

“Finger Food Studios is the first official Carbon Positive company with Offsetters,” said Dawn Hancock, Manager of Client Engagement for Offsetters. “After measuring their carbon footprint, Finger Food wanted to go beyond simply neutralizing their impact on the climate; they offset much more than they emitted, in order to not just neutralize their impact but to have a positive contribution. Offsetters is proud to work with Finger Food Studios.”

Finger Food’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is available online here.

 November 28, 2016