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Vancouver Startup Week 2021

Vancouver Startup Week 2021
22 Apr 2021 by DigiBC

Vancouver Startup Week (VSW) is back for its 8th consecutive year and will be taking place virtually from May 21–28, 2021. While Vancouver Startup Week involves many tech companies, it's an event for companies from all industries that are at the startup level. Attendees will be able to attend exciting events like fireside chats, hackathons and workshops. Some of the featured events include:

  • Capital Efficient Ways to Grow From 0 ot $10M with Co-Founder and CEO of, Alex Popa
  • Fireside Chat with Jerin Mece, Co-Owner and Global Head of Sales at Nude
  • How Video Storytelling Built a Multi-million Dollar Startup with Co-Founder and CEO of Lumen5, Michael Cheng

VSW has partnered with BudgieBox to bring thoughtful, ethical and high-quality gift boxes and interactive workshops to your home. Hear about these startups’ journeys and purchase the Experience Package to try out their products at home.

Early Bird & Experience Package tickets can be purchased here.