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The WXR Venture Fund

The WXR Venture Fund
25 Sep 2018 by DigiBC

The WXR Venture Fund invests in VR/AR/MR startups that are committed to having balanced gender representation. WXR also provides community infrastructure to support women leaders in immersive tech and will invest in early-stage startups with at least one female founder or at least 50% women on the leadership team. Their investment thesis is rooted in both social and economic impact and aims to help build a more inclusive industry from the ground up, as well as leverage the unique economic opportunity that current demographic imbalances create. Their robust community programming, including pitch showcases, a curated mentor program, educational content, and media partnerships, is designed to amplify the impact of the investments by elevating and accelerating their portfolio companies.    

When was the WXR Fund set up?
Work started on it in mid-2017 and they hosted their first pitch showcase in January 2018.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
The three founding partners are Martina Welkhoff, Malia Probst and Abby Albright. Martina is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company in mobile gaming and moved into virtual reality after that company was acquired. Malia is a partner at VRScout, a leading media platform focused on immersive technology. Abby was an early employee at DAQRI, one of the first augmented reality headsets, and is currently completing an MBA at Wharton.  


What was the motivation for setting this up?
As they move toward the next major computing paradigm, there is a transformational opportunity to build a more inclusive industry from the ground up. These leaders will have a profound impact on what spatial computing becomes. Everything from the products they create, the teams they build, and the way they reinvest their wealth will forever change the technology landscape. The optimal time to make lasting change is during these early days where the industry is forming and norms are being established.

Who can benefit from this fund?
Bold women founders in immersive technology and people who value diversity.

Where can someone find out more information on the WXR Fund?