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Canadian IDM Industry Profile Survey 2024

Canadian IDM Industry Profile Survey 2024
17 Jun 2024 by DigiBC

Calling all IDM companies in British Columbia! Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in this Canadian IDM Industry Profile Survey!

DigiBC, ESAC and CIAIC have been working on this project which will be the first-ever full snapshot of BC’s IDM sector, and of Canada’s in 11 years. Nordicity, who works on our IDMTC reports that we share with the Ministry of Finance, is the firm conducting the study.

We need your valuable input to create a comprehensive profile that will shape the future of the IDM industry in Canada. This will help us in our continued advocacy with the provincial government, as well as new advocacy on the federal level. This data is also essential to our work in representing industry interests locally and abroad, and it assists with identifying the economic impact the industry has in Canada.

The questionnaire is streamlined and easy to fill out, and should take about 20 minutes to complete. It is open to companies of all sizes making:

  • Video Games
  • Interactive and Immersive Storytelling and Experiences, or
  • Interactive Educational Content  

If you haven’t yet already, please participate in this survey as it is key to helping us create an accurate snapshot of BC's IDM sector. We appreciate your contribution to this nationwide endeavour! 🙏

Video Game Studios
Use this link if your company primarily works in the video game industry



VR/AR/XR Studios
Use this link if your company primarily builds immersive experiences (mixed reality exhibits, XR films, etc) or eLearning products and content



Who should complete the survey?
This would be best completed by someone at your company with in-depth knowledge of corporate financial and human resource information, as well as your company’s strategic direction. If you are not the appropriate person to be completing this survey, please pass it on to the individual best able to answer the questions.

CIAIC, DigiBC, ESAC and Nordicity guarantee the confidentiality and protection of the data provided by your organization. Your responses to this survey will be combined with those of the other respondents for aggregate analysis only; under no circumstances will individual company data be communicated or disseminated.

Survey Deadline
Please respond no later than July 12, 2024